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Sta. Cruz Water District

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  1.  General Agency Profile 2013


      The Sta. Cruz (Zambales) Water District was established pursuant to Resolution     

      No. 50 adopted and approved by the Sangguniang Bayan of Sta. Cruz, Zambales

      on June 22, 1988 in relation to Presidential Decree No. 198, as amended wherein

      the ownership of all existing water facilities of the Sta. Cruz Municipal

      Waterworks System was transferred to the Sta. Cruz Water District.


      On October 7, 1988, the Sta. Cruz Water District was granted by the Local Water   

      Utilities Administration (LWUA) a Conditional Certificate of Conformance No.   

      365 which formalized the existence of the Sta. Cruz (Zambales) Water District.


      The primary objective of the water district was to provide safe and potable water    

       at an affordable rate under an efficient and dedicated management under the  

       guidance of a supportive and responsible Board of Directors.


      In 1989, a loan in the amount of P1,584,000.00 was released by LWUA to the  

      district to finance the immediate improvement of its water system.  In March  

      1991, the Sta. Cruz Water District become operational with the appointment of its   

      employees.  The management of Water District conscious of its responsibility to    

      provide potable water within the reach of the residents of Sta. Cruz, Zambales  

      asked assistance from different sources, to wit:


  1. KFW or Central Bank of Germany
  2. Senator Ramon B. Magsaysay, Jr. and
  3. Congressman Antonio M. Diaz


           At present, the district has seven (6) permanent employees including the OIC- 

            General Manager, under the stewardship of General Manager Leonardo S.  

            Lustria, Jr.            

           As of December 31, 2013, it has  762  active concessionaires.


          The policy making body of Sta. Cruz Water District is vested in its Board of   

          Directors (BOD), and it is composed of the following:


                        Amelita A. Dorotheo                          Chairman

                        Ruben M. Mayor                                 Vice Chairman

                        Nene F. Faranial                                  Member

                        Rufino M. Gutierrez, Jr.                      Member





              2.  Basis of Financial Statements


             The financial statements have been prepared in accordance with the

             Generally Accepted State Accounting Principles and Standards.



  1.  Significant Accounting Policies


Accounting System 


The Water District started the implementation of the New Government Accounting System prescribed by the Commission on Audit on January 1, 2005.




Purchased of supplies and materials for stock, regardless of whether or not they are consumed within the accounting period, are recorded under the appropriated inventory accounts following the Perpetual Inventory Method.


            The inventories on hand are stated at cost, based on the first in-first out method      

            and determined on the basis on inventory control records.


Tangible assets with serviceable life or more than one year, but small enough to be considered as Property, Plant and Equipment are considered as inventories upon purchased and as expense once issued.  The recipient of the item acknowledges receipt in the Inventory Control Sheet (ICS) for monitoring and control purposes.


Property, Plant and Equipment (PPE)


The Straight-line Method of depreciation is used.  Depreciation starts on the month following the month of purchase of the PPE, and a residual value equivalent to ten percent (10%) of the purchase cost is set up.


The useful life of the PPE is based on the estimated useful life prescribed by the COA for each group of PPE.


The cost of PPE acquired thru purchase includes the purchase cost plus the incidental cost in bringing the asset to its location, including installation and testing costs, until it becomes fully operational.


Repairs and maintenance of assets, including those fully depreciated ones, shall be charges against the appropriate “Repair and Maintenance Expense” account of the specific PPE.


Income and Expense Recognition


The accrual method of accounting is adopted in the recognition of earnings and expenses.


  1.  Correction of Fundamental Errors


Fundamental errors of prior years are corrected by using the Prior Year’s Adjustment account while errors affecting current year’s operation are effected to the current year’s accounts.


  1.  Cash and Cash Equivalents


This account is broken down as follows:


Cash in Vault                                                                         P       1,427.30

Cash in Bank-Local Currency, C/A                                             28,172.78

Cash in Bank-Local Currency, S/A                                             114,414.65

Sinking Fund                                                                                18,124.95

  Total                                                                                      P   162,139.68


  1.  Receivables


This account includes the following:


Accounts Receivable                                                             P 639,084.66

Less:  Allow. For Doubtful Accounts                                      204,319.28 

Accounts Receivable, net                                                        434,765.38                   

Other Receivables                                                                        9,139.55

Total                                                                                      P 443,904.93 



The accounts Receivable consists of all amounts due on open accounts arising from services rendered to the customers for water sales and incidental services.  Other Receivables pertains to the amount collectible from concessionaires other that water sales.


  1.  Inventories


This account includes the following:


Accountable Forms Inventory                                               P     3,893.00

Medical, Dental and Laboratory Inventory                                     665.60

Spare Parts Inventory                                                                 95,315.77

Other Supplies Inventory                                                              5,100.00

Construction Materials Inventory                                                 6,321.23

Total                                                                                      P  111,295.60


  1.  Property, Plant and Equipment


This account consists of


                                                        Balance Net        Addition/           Balance

                                                       Dec. 31, 2012     (Reduction)   Dec. 31, 2012


Land Improvements                    P 2,005,000.00                           P 2,005,000.00

Electrification,Power & Energy     1,018,820.00                              1,018,820.00


Other Structure                               3,794,869.15                              3,794,869.15

Office Equipment                                10,284.50                                   10,284.50

Furniture and Fistures                          34,507.00                                  34,507.00

IT Equipment and Software                 35,845.00                                  35,845.00

Medical, Dental and                            17,000.00                                   17,000.00

    Laboratory Equipment

Other Machinery and Equipment   1,126,663.80                              1,160,663.80

Other Property,Plant and                6,221,528.04                             6,241,928.04


Other Assets                                       253,706.34                                 253,706.34                                                            

Total Property, Plant and              14,518,223.83                            14,572,623.83


Less: Accumulated                          6,806,256.93                             7,245,519.15


Net Amounts                                P7,711,966.90                            P7,327,104.68


  1. Accounts Payable


This account consist of trade payables by the district amounting to P86,112.93


  1. This account consist of the following


Local Govt. Unit – Lupa Public Faucet                                            P   2,650.61

National Government Agency-Lupa Elem. School                                7,523.95

                                                  South Central Elem. School                  9,675.00

Total                                                                                                  P 19,849.56


  1. Inter-Agency Payables


This account includes the following


Due to BIR                                                                            P     2,706.65

Due to GSIS                                                                             217,788.31

Due to Pag-ibig                                                                           14,562.22

Due to Officers and Employees                                               456,412.96

Due to PHIC                                                                                5,704.62

Total                                                                                      P 697,174.76

  1.  Guaranty Deposits Payable


This account represents liability arising from cash deposits made by customers, which are refundable to the customers upon disconnection without unpaid balance.  This amount to P966,824.55 as of December 31, 2013.


  1.  Loans Payable


This  account represents various loans from Local Water Utilities Administration used in various project of the District in the amount of P422,649.30


  1.  Government Equity


For the previous years, the District incurred losses in its operations.  As of December 31, 2012 government equity is P5,871,683.35.


  1.  Retained Earnings


This account includes the following.


Retained Earnings, Beginning                                               P  336,142.05


     Net Income/Loss                                                              (    548,010.53)

     Total                                                                                 (P  211,868.48)   


  1.  Personal Services


This account consists of the following:


Salaries and Wages-Regular                                                  P   820,124.00

Personnel Economic Relief Allowance                                        36,000.00

Additional Compensation                                                           106,500.00

Representation Allowance                                                            38,500.00

Transportation Allowance                                                             42,000.00

Clothing Allowance                                                                      24,000.00

Honoraria                                                                                       25,920.00

Cash Gift                                                                                       30,000.00

Year End Bonus                                                                            64,005.00

Life & Retirement Insurance Contribution                                  99,366.24

PAG-IBIG Contribution                                                                 7,200.00

PHIC Contributions                                                                       9,900.00

Terminal Leave Benefits                                                              200,000.00

Other Professional Services                                                              2,600.00

ECC Contributions                                                                          7,200.00

Total                                                                                      P1,513,315.24


  1.  Maintenance and Other Expenses


This account consist of the following:


Traveling Expenses-Local                                                     P      8,991.00

Training Expenses                                                                          3,000.00

Office Supplies Expenses                                                               8,939.25

Accountable Forms                                                                      18,084.00

Medical, Dental & Laboratory Expenses                                     23,302.40

Gasoline, Oil and Lubricants                                                               50.00

Other Supplies Inventory                                                                  840.00

Electricity Expenses                                                                   744,342.09

Postage and Deliveries                                                                      355.00

Membership Dues & Contribution to Organization                       1,100.00

Rent Expenses                                                                               58,260.00

Representation Expenses                                                                 2,934.50

Transportation & Delivery Expenses                                       40.00

Repairs and Maintenance-Land Improvement                                7,600.00

Repairs and Maintenance-IT Equipment                                         1,965.00

Repairs and Maintenance-Electricification,Power                         11,500.00

Repairs and Maintenance-Other Machineries & Equipment         12,000.00

Repairs & Maintenance-Other PPE                                                19,526.78

Subsidy to NGAS                                                                          19,534.90

Subsidy to LGUs                                                                               478.39

Taxes, Duties & Licenses                                                              46,991.64

Fidelity Bond Premiums                                                                 5,179.02

Depreciation-Land Improvements                                              72,180.00

Depreciation-Electric Power & Energy Structures                      26,299.68

Depreciation-Other Structures                                                   77,607.24  Depreciation-Medical,Dental & Laboratory Equipt.                        1,530.00

Depreciation-Other Machineries & Equipment                          70,000.68

Depreciation-Other PPE                                                             191,644.62

              Total                                                                                        1,432,311.19











  1.  Financial Expenses


This account represents the interest/charges on long term debts amounting to





        Prepared by:                                                             



      Grace M. Mendoza                                              

Sr. Accounting Processor B                                              





























































































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