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Local Water Districts were created by Presidential Decree NO. 198 as quasi-public corpotations performing public service and supplying public wants. Water districts are not under the jurisdiction of any political subdivision. In March 2,1996 the Supreme Court declared Water Dsitrics as government-owned-and-controlled corporations but with no subsidies from the government.

IBA WATER DISTRICT was formed last June 30, 1980 and started its operation only on March 16, 1988. Her only mandated function is to deliver affordable and potable water supply to the populace in the Municipality of Iba in Zamables. The operation and maintenance of her water supply system are totally based on a self-reliant manner.

IBA WATER DISTRICT is a regulated by the Local Water utilities Administration where the District obtained various loans to finance mostly her water supply system developments.

IBA WATER DISTRICT is committed to her concessioners by continuously providing dependable, potable and affordable water services to attain her mandated task and at the same time to achieve her financial viability.

“Working for Progress”



Corporate communications, in all its understandings, shall lead and inspire the Iba Water District.



To provide potable, dependable and affordable water supply to the whole community.



Communication is the tool that would make an individual or a government or an organization succeed or failed. Building a partnership to last, means quality of service which is significantly better than any other utility and at a price which represents good value for money. Achieving this vision, the service must be designed from the outside in, considering the concessioners’ point of views and as much as possible eliminating service failures. This will lead to improved financial and operational performance and an enjoyable concessioners experience.

Education, most of the times, is the indispensable door to success, Helping people understand the real score of water, as an economic commodity now, is an up-hill task. People is composed of different individuals and different educations, varied religious beliefs and experiences. People believed a thing of the past that water is God-given resource for free. They don’t know that they are only paying the treatment and delivery of water to their homes. They don’t know also that water conditions vary with geography and demography.

With no subsidy from the government and as a self-reliant corporation, Iba Water District is painstakingly employing and recruiting the best people she could get; creating a great is place to work, a good work-life balance and the opportunity to make a real difference. Retaining the best qualified people with performance and contribution recognized and awarded; creativity produces integrity and excellence.

Mission is a responsibility as well as resourcefulness and teamwork. It must be recognized that the service of the Iba Water District is for a long term. It must get the best out of its resources and the situations that present itself. It has to recognize that to achieve more at better value and faster, teamwork is necessary. Mission performance affects all concessioners and everyone who lives in the community it serves. Respect of the environment must be the first aim of the mission that goes beyond where the benefits exceed the cost.



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